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Cinnamon Writer

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Cinnamon Writer

Cinnamon Writer is the compact and efficient word processor developed especially with Amiga and Amiga-like systems in mind. Cinnamon Writer have all of the basic functionality expected of a modern word processor. This includes changeable layout style, antialiased truetype fonts, kerning, infinite "intelligent" Undo/Redo history, user defined page setup and file compatibility with other word processors as Word and OpenOffice that can use DocX files.

Cinnamon Writer has been been designed from the ground up to have a very light footprint while offering a powerful set of features expected from a modern word processor. The goal for Cinnamon Writer is not to be a pixel per pixel or feature per feature copy of existing word processing packages available. As much as it is possible, the powerful features offered by Cinnamon Writer are independent of 3rd party plugins or programming languages. As a result Cinnamon Writer will be available on platforms with modest processing power and memory capacity. In its purest form Cinnamon Writer will take up less than 5 mbytes of hard disk space and require less than 25 mbytes of memory for a standard document (Dependent on platform and screen size used).

Your choice of operating system is a personal choice. It is based on your need, how you like things done and what you grew up with. Whether you use AmigaOS4, MorphOS or AROS there is a Cinnamon Writer for you. Better yet. A document will always look and behave exactly the same for all platforms (if same set of fonts are installed).Set up your document on your AROS laptop on your way home from work, work on it on your AmigaOS machine at home. Send it to your MorphOS using friend for review and email it to your boss to be opened in Microsoft Word, Open Office or other modern word processor

You are much more connected then you were 20 years ago. The documents you create will be shared with colleagues, friends and other peers. Even though you have chosen to walk off the beaten path, you cannot require others to do so too. It is therefore of utmost importance that your document is compatible with the word processors used by your friends. Cinnamon Writer offers comprehensive compatibility with the open DocX format utilized by major word processing packages on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Today any good word processor is expected to have a faithful spellchecker. Cinnamon Writer provides in this respect with its very compact and efficient native spellchecker. The dictionaries available for Cinnamon Writer include English, German and French with more to come. The interface is modern and intuitive. When a word is recognized as miss spelled, a red line will mark the word. When the word is selected, suggestions for alternative spelling are found in the pull down menu.